Fascia FAQs

Frequently asked questions
Fascias and soffits

    Q. Do you use scaffolding?

    A. Yes,

scaffolding is essential to ensure your roofline is fitted correctly. Anyone not using scaffolding will be unable to complete the job satisfactorily and will be in breach of health and safety regulations.
     Q. Do you remove all the old timber and gutters?
     A. Yes,
we strip everything away to expose the ends of the roof trusses. We then fit plastic hangers to eliminate any chance of damp returning and ensure that your new roofline is perfectly in line.
     Q. Is your work guaranteed?
     A. Yes,
all our work is guaranteed for up to twenty years. We offer insurance backed guarantees, which means that you are completely covered even in the event   that the company ceases to trade.
     Q. Are you insured to work on my property?
     A. Yes, fully.
Accidents seldom happen, but if they do we are covered for every eventuality up to two million pounds.
     Q. Do you replace the drain pipes?
     A. Yes,
we replace all drainpipes down to ground level. We use Marshall Tufflex rainwater products for all the gutters pipes and fittings, which carry a further independent ten year guarantee on white products.
     Q. Do you ventilate the roof space?
     A. Yes,
ventilation is part of the building regulations. We use concealed ventilation strips (not unsightly disc vents or vented soffits which attract dirt) to provide a 10mm continuous airflow as specified by the building regulations.

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